Sunday, January 27, 2013

More VSF figures

These are some more figures for my VSF contingent.  I plan on buying some more of these soon to bump the force up to two squads of 10 figures.

On a lighter note, today is my 60th birthday.  My wife emailed everyone we know and got them to send me cards with the hope that I would get at least 60 cards.  It worked!  I got over 60 birthday cards.  She also gave me 60 presents.  Most were very small, in some cases small pieces of candy to fill in.  In addition to clothes, I also got $60 in gift certificates to my local hobby shop.  That should get spent this week!


  1. Bill,

    not much to do with VSF, but I have just been reading your back posts. They reminded me of games in the seventies as a guest of the USAAF at Chicksands. People seldom recall what a lot the US servicemen brought to UK wargaming, you are all much missed.

    Did we ever see you at the Bedford club or at Gascoignes Model Shop or were you further into the Fens?

    regards and memories of a very hospitable bunch of guys.


  2. John, I was at RAF Lakenheath from the fall of 1978 to the fall of 1980. I went to a club in Cambridge a few times, and had a great time there. I once went to a club in Norwich, but couldn't stay long.
    I gamed with a gentleman named Mike Ledgard who was a teacher in one of the towns near the base.
    I really enjoyed my time in England.