Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

I hope everyone who reads this had a good Christmas.  I haven't been posting lately.  My wife had knee surgery about 10 days ago, and I have been pretty busy taking care of her, doing housework, cooking, etc.  It hasn't left much time for hobbies, unfortunately.  She is doing much better now, so I hope to get back to it soon.

Zori did get me several hobby related items for Christmas.  I got The Wargaming Compendium, which I am looking forward to reading.  Also, two rules sets, Of Gods and Mortals and In Her Majesty's Name.  She also got me another Defender's of France box of WWII French 28mm figures.

I have been reading Of Gods and Mortals.  I had heard it was based on Song of Blades and Heroes.  It is, but it looks like it may go a bit faster.  Instead of activating all figures one by one, the mortal figures are activated by units.  The God and Hero figures are activated individually, but there are not that many of them.

I have figures from Saga that I can use for the mortals.  I just need to find about 4-5 special figures and I will be ready to go.

In Her Majesty's name looks easier than doing GASLIGHT, which requires a fair bit of pre-game time to figure out your troops.  Also, GASLIGHT is a very large book or several smaller one.

I should also mention that I got 2 shirts for Christmas, so its not all fun and games.    :)

On a personal note, this last year was somewhat hard for me physically.  I also had knee surgery.  I am wondering if the fact that my house has spiral staircases has contributed to my wife and I both having knee problems.

We are going to Puerto Rico next month, so some time on the beach in warm weather can't do us any harm.

I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Charge! Regiment finished

I finished the third company for my first Charge! regiment.  Three 16 man companies each with an officer and NCO, and a Regimental officer with flagbearer and drummer.

This brings my total to 102 figures and 2 guns with the grenadier company, light company and gun battery.

As yet I have no cavalry.  I haven't had much luck getting the cavalry molds to come out right.  I also am not sure what I am going to do for a mounted officer, which I would like to have for my infantry.

I still have another company of infantry to start painting up.  That will probably be a different coat color for a different country.

I haven't painted this many figures in years.  I find I really enjoy the whole process of casting and painting up the figures.