Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saga Scots

I recently bought Saga.  Jay, otherwise known as the The Baron bought these and they looked good.  I hope they are good, I am into it to the tune of the basic rules, the Northern Fury expansion, a dice pack and 6 points of Scots.

I finished the leader and the two hearthguard units.  (I know, they are called something else, but the rules are not to hand at this moment)

I posed them in my new terrain, instead of the little marble top table I had been using.

Not the greatest paint job, and I used shield transfers because a man's gotta know his limitations, to quote Dirty Harry.

I have been getting a fair bit done lately for a couple of reasons.  First, I managed to strain my back, and have been able to work for short bursts on wargame stuff.

The other is that for the first time in 2 years, we got a winter storm here in Kansas City.  We got almost no snow at all last year.  This is my desk as of noon today.

So no work today, probably not tomorrow either.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Terrain

I recently bought some terrain from Amera, a company that makes vac-form terrain.

 I was very pleased with it when I bought it.  I finished painting a couple of them.

This is a ruined building.  I sprayed it black, and used drybrushing.  I did grass and added a couple of small bushes.  I may do some more patches of different colored scatter grass before I hit it with a matte fixative.

The other is a bit larger, its a ruined tower.

I did similar treatment with this one.  It will provide splendid cover for skirmish games.

I ordered these from one of Amera's US distributors.  The prices were good, and they arrived very quickly.

I have some more smaller pieces to finish up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Basing up trees

I bought some Woodland Scenics trees some time ago, but had never based them up.  A friend gave me some plastic that is fairly thick, but easy to cut.  I based up the trees, some two to a base, some just with one.  Its a small project, but I am glad to have it behind me.

This is my unfortunately disorganized work surface.  I have some of the bases with trees, others not.  The camera makes the ground parts look more yellow than they are.

Behind the trees, is the next project I am working on.  It is vacuum formed plastic terrain from Amera.  That is one of the smaller pieces, and I hope to have some ready to post soon.

I also am working on a Scots Saga warband.  I sure hope I like those rules, I am in them for the rules, the expansion that has the Scots, and an 8 point Scots army.

Get painting Jaye!