Thursday, April 21, 2011

Organizing my painting table

As is usual, my painting table had quickly become overrun with stuff.  Paint bottles, tools, figures, all haphazardly spread around.  My wife noted that I might enjoy the painting more if I, ahem, organized.  Now it should be noted that Zori is incredibly organized.  I, on the other hand, am not.

So, I took her suggestion.  I had an idea for a rack for paints.  We went to the hardware store and bought what I thought were going to be the necessary components.  I went again when I found I needed something else.  Then I realized I had forgotten yet another component.

We had stopped at a Big Lots store, and they had these cheap metal spice racks.  Construction has halted on the painting rack, the cheap spice racks seem to do a bang-up job.

The tools were a simple matter.  We bought some pegboard and pack of small tool holders to fit on the pegboard.

Zori came up with a solution for storing paint brushes.  She had a metal mesh container, in which she put some styrofoam.  You just insert the back of the handle into the styrofoam, and the brushs aren't getting crunched by stuff on the table.

I am currently working on some Prussian artillerists, and the grenadiers for the regiment I previously finished.  In the future I am going to paint the grenadiers at the same time.  I am already painting 24 figures, 6 more is not a big deal.

I ordered the rest of the figures I need for the Prussians and all of the Austrians.  It saved some on postage instead of ordering small amounts.

I thought I would close with a picture of my painting buddy.  I am holding her in the picture I use for my blog, but here she is in all her 18 year old glory.  My cat, Kochka.

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