Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Paint Rack

I have been looking for some way to organize my paints for a long time.  I know there are purpose built paint racks from some of the gaming companies, but I thought they were a bit expensive and I didn't like the look of the laser cut mdf racks.

I saw a mention of fingernail polish racks somewhere, and looked them up.  Through the magic of Amazon Prime, which my wife has, I got this.

It comes in three pieces, with 6 bolts that you use to attach the sides.

This is right after I put it together.  Now for the painting table:

I mostly use the craft store paints.  My paint jobs are meant to be looked on the tabletop, not close up.  Each row holds 12 of the bottles, and there are 6 rows.  I have smaller bottles on the bottom row that fit more loosely.  This was all for $22.30.

I am very pleased with it.  It has solved a long standing problem on my table.

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  1. Nice find. I may have to order one of those myself. Thanks for the link.