Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More VSF Tanks

Since my first little tank made from the toy bulldozer, I decided I wanted to make a couple more with gatling guns instead of a cannon.  My problem was where to find a gatling gun? 

I was walking around Target, and found this in the toy section:

Its hard to see, but it had a double gatling, two more gatlings, and a little thing that will probably find its way into a 15mm science fiction building.  They are customizing parts for toy cars.  I went to the website, which is badly organized and I never could find a listing of all they had available.

Anyway, I cut up the double gatling and put that on the tanks, as you can see above.

I now have a rather nice little force for GASLIGHT.

In addtion to the the tanks, I have a small unit of mechanical men.

Two units of infantry.

And a couple of little gatling armed spider walkers I got at a convention.

On seeing these pictures my wife expressed her displeasure at the trashed out work table background, and said we are going to make a background specifically for taking pictures of toys.  How any of us survive without women I will never understand.


  1. Great work again.My wife often makes suggestions for backdrops when I photograph figures etc.Mine are certainly improved by this.

  2. I have got to get going on my painting. Okay, tonight, I solemnly swear to paint at least something on the table.

  3. Looks great. Gotta get them on the table at the Baron's. If only I was motivated to finish my Sultan's troops.

  4. Its beautiful, i must say its awesome. Your work is stunning. I hope if/when you do decide to sell that you get the price they deserve. good luck for next ,,,,,,,
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