Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hearts of Tin ACW project

Recently I have gotten interested in more "old school" wargaming.  I have been reading Ross McFarlane's Battle Game of the Month blog.

I decided I wanted to try Hearts of Tin, his old school, but ever moving target set of rules.  :)  (seriously, I like that you keep improving them, but they do change quickly)

Robb of The Army Collector and I have been painting IMEX 1/72nd scale figures for this project.  They are pretty cheap, not too bad, and paint up quickly.  (at least the way I paint)

So, I finished the first two units.

I have quite a few more figures on the way.  Usually you buy IMEX ACW figures in a box with 2 sprues of either Union or Confederate for about $9.  I found that Hobby Lobby has them in hanging bags with cardboard headers that have 2 Union and 2 Confederate sprues for $10.

I have ordered some artillery and generals from Musket Miniatures.  I didn't like the IMEX guns.


  1. you're getting ahead of me. I need to get to work!

  2. I figure if we get 6 units of infantry and a couple of guns done for each side, we can do a battle. I am making progress on a couple of Confederate units.

  3. They look good so far. I'll be interested in seeing what you think of the Musket Miniatures.

    Yeah the poor rules do get a shake up now and again. Looks like they've been sucessfully restored and are settled again. I've promised myself next time I get a brilliant new idea, I'll test it BEFORE I rip the rules apart, once to put them in and again to take them out!

  4. Ross, I know exactly what I am getting with Musket. They started as Stone Mountain miniatures in the 70s. A group of people went in with the sculptor Jim McCarron to make the company larger. I used to do some casting for them on weekends. At some point Jim went his separate way from Stone Mountain, and took the 22mm figures with him. He still produces them. They are a bit crude by todays standards, but his guns were always very good.