Saturday, April 20, 2013

VSF on Thursday

Thursday night was the regular game at Jaye's house.  On tap was a VSF game, with Prussians defending an outpost against a mixed force of British, French and Americans.

On the first turn, the Lady Hussars in the tower with the electrocannon managed to destroy the small spider vehicle on the Allied side before it could even fire.   A heavy blow for the allies.

As the British and French attacked from the front, on the left side the French and Americans came in supported by Le Feu, the French rolling electrocannon.

The Lady Hussar infantry fired on the opposing infantry, doing great damage.  The bicycle Uhlans which had remained in reserve. came forward and attacked Le Fue.
They managed to get a penetrating hit (unsupported vehicles in the game can be overwhelmed by melee) and was forced back.  They came back later, after the Killen Kannon had decimated the infantry, and remaining Uhlans managed to destroy it.

The game was called due to time.  The Prussians had been beaten up, but still held the compound, and it was called a minor Prussian victory.  Rules were our version of Gaslight.

We used an activation method Jaye came up with.  Each player got a number of cards equal to the number of units.  You assign the cards to the units upside down, then everyone turns over the cards and game proceeds.  Aces, Kings, etc go first, with ties being decided by suit order.  It worked well, and was fast.

Saga games

Rob from The Army Collector and I played 2 Saga games a week ago.  The first was the 2 bridges scenario.  The first time we played, I was not convinced as to the usefulness of the archers.  This game they showed they can be worth it.

It started with my main force advancing on the right hand bridge.

On my left, I positioned a blocking force of archers and warriors.

I opened fire with the levy and with astounding luck killed 3 out of 8 hearthguard.

We had a big fight on the right hand bridge while the warriors and archers whittled them down on the left.

It ended up with the Scots winning on the right and losing on the left.  Both commanders were still alive, but I had a lot more hearthguard left, and the points just did not favor the Vikings.

The second game was the one where you try to hold terrain and get points for your men that occupy it each turn.  I came out fast and occupied the woods closest to me by moving twice and taking the fatigue.

Unfortunately, I was completely destroyed in the center.  In just a few turns the Vikings completely had a complete victory.

Rob and I are 2 to 2 in our battles now.  We need to have another to decide the issue!