Sunday, April 3, 2011

Die Fighting Project

I recently bought Die Fighting by Bob Jones.  It looks like what I want in a set of rules.  I am planning on raising forces for the Seven Year's War, both Prussians and Austrians.

To start, I am making essentially identical forces for each side:

4 infantry battalions @ 12 figures each                               48
1 grenadier battalion @ 12 figures                                      12
4 heavy cavalry squadrons @ 4 figures each                       16
2 light artillery with 1 gun and 4 gunners each                      8

That is 60 infantry, 16 cavalry, 8 gunners and 2 guns.

For both sides, the total is 120 infantry, 32 cavalry, 16 gunners and 4 guns.  Not an impossible task, although I have not yet finished the first 24 infantry.  When I do, they will be posted.

I am using Front Rank miniatures.  I like them, although the fact that almost all 7YW Prussians come only with coats with lapels is a bit annoying.

After the first regiment of infantry, the next project will be artillery and cavalry.  I have not yet purchased any Austrians.  I am planning on doing a Hungarian regiment, just because I like them.

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