Monday, January 14, 2013

New VSF figures and new project

I have been trying to build a force for GASLIGHT.  I recently took some Robot Legionnaire figures from Hydra miniatures.

I painted them bronze, with other metals for the weapons and details.  They are done except for a Dullcoat finish.

I have some more figures I am working on, plus some vehicles and an airship.

My new project is to finish up as much terrain as possible.  My wife is out of town around the beginning of February for several days, and I am planning to base trees, make hedges, and paint up some new terrain pieces from Amera.

I have a friend who has had some Bellona terrain pieces, which were vacform pieces made many years ago. The technology was not that great, and Bellona was made from fairly thin plastic.  It tended to get damaged over the years, and this stuff was made back in the 60s.

Amera is made from significantly thicker plastic.  It is still vacform, so the detail is not exactly what you might get on a resin cast piece, but its also cheaper and much lighter, while still being very sturdy.

Amera is an English company.  The URL is:

At their suggestion I ordered from one of their US stockists, Noble Knight Games.

They were very prompt, the order arriving within 3 days of ordering.  The prices were reasonable, but when I went to look, they were out of these items.  Apparently I ordered what they had.  They do indicate if something is out of stock, but don't give the price if it is.

My plan is to get all of these painted and detailed with flocking and extra rubble in some cases.  When they are done i will post them.

I looked on the Amera website.  The first piece here was 6 pounds.  I think the prices are about double in $.  This first piece is about 12 inches across.

Amera also makes pieces that need some assembly, but make up into quite nice ruined buildings suitable for 28mm science fiction or post apocalyptic games.  The plastic is heavy enough to support the models.


  1. I love the look of the robots, and GASLIGHT is a fun game. What kind of force are you building?

  2. The guy whose house where we game has both sides, but I wanted to do some of my own. I am planning on 3-4 units of infantry, two steam tanks, one of which I am working on building from scratch, a walker and an airship.