Sunday, August 26, 2012

40mm Sort of Seven Years War

I recently won an ebay auction that was 2 Prince August 40mm molds, an officer and an infantryman.  I then went a little crazy, and got 2 more molds from Prince August in Ireland.  They are very easy to order from, and ship quickly.

I became interested in this from reading posts about the Not Quite The Seven Years War project of the HAWKS club.  I had always wanted to game using the Charge! rules, and I loved the look of the 40mm partially round figures.

I had my first casting session today.  It went pretty well.  The two molds I had gotten off ebay cast the best.  They had been used before, the seller said he had cast the molds and painted figures for a client.  They were not vented, but still cast well.  I had bought in addition bought 2 molds that were double molds.  They had an NCO, a drummer, a grenadier and a standard bearer.

I got 6 of the basic infantrymen, 3 grenadiers, 4 officers, one standard bearer, one drummer and 2 NCOs.  I will probably only keep the best two officers and melt the others.  That mold casts well, and I don't need that many officers right now.  I plan on casting on a regular basis.  I am casting outside, and I don't think it will work too well when it gets cold.

All in all, a good afternoon.

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