Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year, and What Have We Done?

I got a lot started this year, but not a lot finished.  :)

I decided I was never going to paint enough Seven Years War for Black Powder by myself, so I sold the ones I had to my brother.  He is now trying to duplicate my paint job.  Good with that, bro.

I did do some small scratch building projects.  I made about 8 feet of fences to give to Jaye.  Our group games at Jaye's house, so I wanted to contribute something.

I made a couple of small hills.  I started work on some GHQ hex terrain.  I need to do more, but I have a good start on it.

I did get interested in Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame Project.  I have started some WWII figures for those rules, and made a board for it.  The rules use a board marked off in squares.  It will certainly reduce questions about whether something is in range.

I have almost finished 2 units for Gaslight.  I got some Russo-Japanese War figures from Outpost.  They are Russian infantry.  I decided to black prime these instead of my normal white priming.  Much quicker to paint, and less strain on the eyes.

I did pick up an Optivisor this year, at the suggestion of Phil, the owner of the local hobby shop.  (Tabletop Games)  I am very glad I did.  It made it possible to paint again.

I decided to make some wargaming goals for the new year.

1)  Make a contingent for Gaslight, consisting of 3 infantry units, a steam tank and a walker.
2)  Run at least one game this year at the regular Thursday night gaming session
3)  Finish up a 15mm science fiction army for Gruntz.

I hope to do more, but I want to set goals I can reach given the health problems.

Keep on gaming!

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