Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little bit of everything

Well, its obvious.  As a blogger, I suck.  :)  Long time since my last post, and a lot of changed directions.

I have been working on a French fleet for Dystopian Wars.  I bought the starter box, and then some more ships.  So far I have finished the 9 small ships, and work is progressing well on 3 destroyers, 3 cruisers, and the pocket battleship.  I am not sure where the other people in my group are in this process. 

I started painting some 15mm Franco-Prussian war figures, intending to do an Imaginations project using The Portable Wargame.

I got small units for each side done, but in 15mm they look quite similar from a distance.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  The figures are not exactly painted for FP war, its my own take on this.  I may end up using a much lighter blue for the French to make them easily distinguishable on the table.

The last project comes from my long interest in the old Charge! rules.  About the time started reading about the Not Quite the Seven Years War project that the HAWKS wargame club has been doing for a while.

I liked the idea of the 40mm figures, and I managed to get two Prince August molds of an officer and a soldier off of ebay.  I then went a little crazy and ordered more molds from Prince August in Ireland, metal from a company in  California that gave free shipping with orders over $100, and am scrounging for a suitable pot for melting the metal.  I plan on initially using a burner that is on my gas grill, but may buy a melting pot made for casting bullets later.

So, as usual I am involved in more stuff than I really have time for.  This is in addition to a bad World of Tanks habit with my brother and my nephew. 

Gotta get better at posting...

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