Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Got Sails of Glory Kickstarter

I got in on the Kickstarter for Sails of Glory.  I got it late, 2 days after it was released on the street.  They had some major problems getting all the product out to the people who invested.  I think I will not be doing Kickstarters any more.  I will just wait for the product.

As to the game itself, I have not had the time to play it.  I got it the day before we went to Puerto Rico.  While there I got sick, and have not been up to much at all since I got back.  A trip to the ER yesterday because of shortness of breath indicated that I had what is probably a virus in my lungs.  So I am on prednisone and inhalers.  Its helping.

Anyway, the components look very good.  I have read through the rules, it seems pretty straightforward.  For the Kickstarter I got the 4 ships that came with the game, and 4 more.  I have since bought 4 more so our group can play it.  We will do that Thursday, weather permitting.

The game uses a LOT of counters.  I spent one whole evening bagging up the components.  A suggestion has been made several places to simply scan the ship mats and either use a fresh one each time or laminate them on some cardboard and use grease pens.  I will probably do it.  It should be much easier than keeping track of tons of counters.

I also have not painted much.  The basement has been cold, and I have not been feeling well.  Not a good combination.

I am sure that in a couple of months I will be complaining about the heat here.  :)  Life in Missouri.

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