Sunday, August 11, 2013

NQSYW More figures and a question for those who home cast

I don't have a picture today.  I spent a couple of hours this morning casting figures.  My basic infantry figure cast well, I have enough now for my second company of hatmen.  I got some specialty figures, I don't expect them to cast that often but I only need a few.

My problem is one piece cavalry molds.  I have 3 different hussar molds.  These are Prince August 40mm molds.  I must have cast them 20 times this morning and got two I could use.  (and those have a few problems I am choosing to overlook)

I have cut some vents in the molds.  It hasn't seemed to help much.  The problem is the body of the horse.  There will be a pit or a furrow along one side of the main body of the horse.  I don't know if this is air escaping during the pouring process, or what.  I have made vents at both ends of the horse's body, and on one of the molds even made a vent between the pouring hole and the back of the pelisse.  I still didn't have much luck.

If there is anyone who sees this that has experience, please let me know.

I got a cannon mold on Ebay, and I have artillerists coming from Ireland.  I am sure casting the cannon will cause me to pull my hair out also.  I had a 25mm cannon mold years ago, and getting the wheels to cast was a real problem.


  1. Bill, I confess that while I've had problems with horses's legs and reins and rider's hats and swords, I don't recall having the sort of issue that you mention.

    Are you dusting the molds every couple of pours? Maybe inspect it after dusting to see in any imperfections show. I was going to suggest warming the mold but if you've made several attempts to pour it then that would look after it.

    Last 3 thoughts, a) tilt the mold slightly as you pour and b) tap it with a screw driver or similar to encourage airbubbles to leave. Lastly, c) if all else fails, drill a tiny hole through the side of the mold where the issue is and then cut he vent on the outside of the mold. I've had to use this trick on one of my wheel molds to get the spokes to cast.

  2. Ross, I must admit I had thought about drilling a hole in the mold, but had failed my morale test. :) I will probably give that a shot if your other suggestions don't work. I do tap the mold, but tipping it slightly is not something I have done. Thanks for the input!