Sunday, August 18, 2013

NQSYW Grenadiers

Whe Rob and I casted last time, I was able to cast a company of line and a company of Grenadiers.  These are the Grenadiers.
I am also almost done with a second company of line from when I cast figures a week ago.  That will bring me up to 3 companies.
I also recently got in the mail 3 more molds that are the cannon and 4 different gunner figures.  I hope to cast those up soon. to get a battery.
Sure hope I like this game.  I am having a great time casting and painting the figures for it.  :)


  1. It must be quite a thrill to see the troops from casting to the table like this - superb!

  2. Man, the painting guilt is really getting to me now...

  3. I started making it a point to paint something each day, even if it was just to do one color. If I started a color, I wouldn't stop till I had it done on all the figures in the unit. Since I am doing a fairly basic paint job on these, over a few days I can make a lot of progress.
    I can't paint for a long time at one sitting like I used to. My eyes get tired and I start getting sloppy. Doing it in small bits on a daily basis works better for me.
    Michael, it is fun to be able to cast the figures and then paint them up.

  4. Nice work Bill, the figures look great. You have been flying on this project.