Friday, March 4, 2011

History and Future

I started wargaming when my father made the mistake of buying my brother and I a wargame about the American Civil War.  We were hooked.  I was about 15, my brother about 10.  The next game we got was Blitzkrieg.  I played mostly boardgames till 1977, when I was introduced to WRG Ancients miniatures gaming. 

My first unit of 15mm figures was Greek light infantry.  They were the old Minifig strips of figures.  I painted them, badly, with Humbrol paints. 

I was in the Air Force, and was assigned to Lakenheath, England in 1988.  There I started painting 25mm ancients, again Greeks.  When I went back the US in 1980, I started gaming many periods, principally Naval and Napoleonics.

In 2001 I moved to Kansas City.  It took 36 large plastic bins to hold all the wargaming stuff.  I had overloaded.  About 4 years ago I sold everything and stopped gaming.  It had just gotten to be too much.  Now I am started gaming again, but on a  much more limited basis.

I have a few projects I am planning on.  Short term, I am going to make a small force (less than 10 figures) for Song of Blades and Heroes.  Its a nice little skirmish game my gaming group plays.  I have a long term goal of doing 28mm Seven Years War, using the Charge! rules.

I have ordered figures, painted a few 7YW, and read rules.  The group, Basement Generals, is a great bunch of guys who are easy to game with.

When my Song of Blades and Heroes figures come in I will post some pictures.

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