Wednesday, March 9, 2011

15mm Fantasy got here

I had ordered some 15mm orcs and humans to try Song of Blades and Heroes.  They got here today.  I have been cleaning up some orcs (nasty business, that) and got them washed and on bases.  I will probably wait to take pictures till they are at least primed.  Its supposed to warm up tomorrow afternoon, so I will probably do it then.

I am planning on trying using units instead of individual figures with 15mm.  My plan is to use the rules pretty much as written, except allow a facing change for one action.  Also, there will be rules for flank and rear attacks.  My idea is that you won't be able to call a flank/rear attack unless the center of your unit starts behind the front of the enemy unit.  (you can't use extra actions to manuever into a flank) and that flank/rear attacks make the flanked unit take a -1 in combat.

I am not sure how I am going to handle leaders, heroes, etc. 

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