Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Arc of Fire Early French platoon and supports

My brother recently got me into Arc of Fire.  I have owned the rules for a couple of years, but I am really bad at just reading a set of rules and being able to figure them out.  I learn by doing things rather than by reading them.
So, my brother got me into 2 games.  By the second game, I was picking it up.  In my opinion, it blows any other WWII skirmish game out of the water.  Its much better than either Bolt Action or Victory Decision.
So at the second game, my brother started talking about some early war French he had bought.  He dislikes painting, and I have much more time now that I am retired.  I offered to paint them, at which point our friend Dave started laughing.  My brother bought them for me for a Christmas present, and now was getting me to paint them for him.
So, I finished them recently.

I definitely need to get a real camera instead of my phone.  We have, in 20mm, 3 squads, a command group, a sniper team, a medium machine gun, a mortar, a 25mm AT gun, and a P16 halftrack.  They will be given the baptism of fire on Saturday.

In addition I have been painting more 40mm figures for my Charge rules.  I have a squadron of cavalry (9 figures) almost finished.  Those will give me another blog post.  I have another squadron started.

Being retired, I have much more time for painting and building stuff.  I have some 20mm buildings in the works that will the subject of another post.

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