Saturday, October 26, 2013

NQSYW - An Afternoon Casting

I had painted all the 40mm figures that I had cast.  The weather was going to be 65 and sunny, perfect day for casting some figures for winter painting.
I recently bought another infantry mold, in a slightly different pose.  That one and my regular infantry figure were both casting well today.  I got 2 full companies of infantry, and a company of light infantry.  Actually, I just clipped the bayonets from 12 regular infantry and will paint them in dark green.
With command figures, it all came to 51 foot.
I also tried again to cast cavalry.  I thought I was doing well, until I went to cut the sprue metal off of them.  All but five had the swords break off.  Oh well, I will try that again.
All in all, a great day casting.
This will give me the final company for my regiment, and a light company.  I now also have an extra company of infantry, which will get painted with a different coat color, as I plan to start doing a second army.