Saturday, March 31, 2012


I decided I needed a quick project.  I had acquired a new tool sometime, the Chopper from NWSL.
This little device device made cutting small pieces of wood a snap.  Along with my Dremel it made this task much easier.
I had tried to make some fences before, but they were not strong enough.  I decided to use 1/4 inch mdf for the bases, and drill holes for the fence posts.  I used small sticks of wood I bought in a pack from Michael's to make the posts, and flat sticks for the fence rails.

This picture is of one of the bases I cut, plus the fence rail sticks.  The bases were cut on a table saw.  Then I used my Dremel to bevel the edges of the bases, and a drill to make holes.

I used the Dremel to also round off the bottoms of the posts so they would fit in the holes.  I could have used  round posts, but I wanted the maximum surface area to glue the rails to the poles.

I used epoxy to glue the rails to the fence posts, and left them to dry.

I then sprayed the assembled fence brown.

After that I drybrushed them with a light gray.

I then glued Woodland Scenics Coarse Ballast to the base, and painted it green.

That was drybrushed with a light tan and some small foliage clumps added.

I made 20 sections, each 4 inches long for 80 inches of fence.

Here it is with a Prussian battalion lined up behind it.

Reasonably successful, and a nice little project.

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